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Shell Refrigeration Oil S2 FR A pail packshot

Shell Refrigeration S4 FR-F 68

Advanced Synthetic Refrigerator Compressor Lubricant. Shell Refrigeration Oil S4 FR-F is a synthetic refrigeration lubricant with a polio ester base fluid. It has been developed for use with R134a and other HFC refrigerants.

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Shell Corena S3 R 68

Premium Rotary Air Compressor Oil. Shell Corena S3 R is a premium quality air compressor oil designed to deliver high performance lubrication of rotary sliding vane and screw air compressors. It uses an advanced additive system to provide excellent protection and performance for compressors running at up to 20 bar and 100°C discharge temperatures with oil maintenance intervals of up to 6000 hours.

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Shell Morlina S2 B 150

Industrial Bearing & Circulating Oils. Shell Morlina S3 B oils are high performance oils designed to provide outstanding oxidation and water separation protection for most general industrial bearing and circulating oil system applications and certain other industrial applications which do not require oils with extreme pressure (EP) properties. These oils meet the requirements of Morgan Construction Company and Danieli for common bearing oils.

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